firmware file corrupt iphone update

6 Ways To Fix « iPhone Firmware File Corrupt »

After that, your device will be restarted and the iPhone firmware corruption problem will be solved. I understand that you’re getting a message that the iPhone could not be restored because the firmware file was corrupt. DFU mode is a comparatively complex method to restore. DFU mode will take you to restoration process no matter if your device is stuck or crashing again and again. But this way will erase all your data, so remember to backup stock firmware file your iPhone in the very beginning.

Now you just need to wait until the iPhone updated as usual. It might be more complicated to use iTunes to restore the firmware package. Just follow the steps below, and you can repair your firmware with iTunes.

In some cases, upgrading iTunes can’t solve the problem of firmware file is not compatible. But sometimes uninstalling iTunes from your computer, the files and something caused by this problem may be removed. So you can try to uninstall iTunes from your computer and then install it again. AnyFix can fix more than 130 iOS / iPadOS / tvOS issues. Some businesses have swapped out corporate laptops for iPads to provide employees with field access to virtual assets.

firmware file corrupt iphone update

If you do, you could end up bricking your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. However, your computer can detect a previously downloaded software update package that matches the device model.

  • After entering the command above, fsck will automatically fix any corruption it encounters on your main hard drive.
  • You can use the trusted iOS repair software—Stellar Toolkit for iPhone.
  • When purchasing a new SSD, don’t focus only on its speed and price.

In this guide, 5 methods to fix iPhone/iPad/iPod firmware not compatible issue are workable. If you still have troubles, you may have to resort to the Apple store to seek professionals for help. When your iPhone or iPad says the firmware is not compatible, the first thing you need to do is to restart your computer. Because by doing this, some temporary glitches will be removed that may cause this problem. After restarting the computer, connect the iOS devices and open iTunes to see whether the restoring is possible. Please go to on your Mac or PC to download and install iMazing. You should only choose to install an image file if you are sure you have the latest version’s file on your computer.